Keep Your Valuable and Breakable Possessions Safe in the Midst of a Home Makeover

After the dark days of January many people’s thoughts start turning to spring and the prospect of giving their homes a complete new look. If you’ve lived in your home for any length of time then you’ve probably accumulated a good deal of possessions. When you’re planning a serious makeover it’s best to put crockery, glassware and other breakables (apart from essentials) somewhere safe. Bubble wrap packaging is the ideal material for wrapping and putting away items that could come to harm.

Where Are You Planning to Start?

If you want to revamp the whole of the downstairs of your house, probably the best place to start is the kitchen. Make sure that you’ve got a space for your kettle, microwave and old crockery while the work is going on there. It’s a good idea to cover the floor and units in plastic sheeting if you plan on painting and retiling your kitchen. Make sure that any wall plates and good crockery are individually wrapped in bubble wrap packaging and placed in bubble bags. Keep the breakables securely wrapped and stored until the makeover is completed.

Driving Everyone Out of the Dining Room

When you decide to give your dining room a full makeover, kids will have to finish their homework in their bedrooms rather than at the dining room table. Whether you are painting or papering the room you will need to protect the floor and any furniture you plan to keep with plastic sheeting. It’s a good idea to get yourself some bubble wrap rolls when you need to safeguard ornaments and glassware. Once any breakables are securely wrapped and labelled they can be stored upstairs in plastic bags.

Sprucing Up Your Sitting Room

If your sitting room looks sad and dull, why not paint it a shade lighter and change dreary curtains for some pretty blinds. Make sure that you protect your sitting room furniture with dust sheets and put any coffee table books etc. into plastic bags. Make sure that you’ve got enough bubble wrap left for any breakables.

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